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The Mobile IT Support Specialists serving Plymouth, Saltash and surrounding areas.

Mobile PC Doctor provides a first class service, offering one to one computer support, tuition and repair and upgrade services covering Plymouth, Saltash, Callington, Torpoint, Tavistock, Leemill, Ivybridge and surrounding areas.

PC Health Checks & Performance Tune-ups

If your computer suffers from sluggish performance, virus & malware problems, pop-up ads, browser hijacking, freezing, crashing, internet or email problems or you have been computer scammed, then its time for a service and clean today. Our PC Healthcheck & Service is comprehensive and will improve your computer's reliability and performance.

Our Performance Tune-up Service improves the Windows operating system's response times and capabilities by making Windows run faster, snappier with less lag. We also check your computers security and clean-up where necessary. All aspects of system configuration, security issues, clean-ups and maintenance are done onsite usually within the hour.

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Computer Slow?

We've been speeding up slow computers the entirety of our business. Computers slow down with use and age but nothing frustrates us more than when our computers slow down. They can freeze up, respond slowly to commands, they misbehave and often become unreliable with random problems. Our biggest callout is speeding up slow computers and laptops.

Software Service

This is the first place we start by health checking and optimising your computer as we go, first making sure there are no viruses or malware then moving onto to optimising the operating system to reduce the load on the CPU, RAM & Hard Drive. Sounds simple but is quite detailed resulting in a faster running computer or laptop.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades is the ultimate performance upgrade. The previous step is paramouint to speeding up any computer which leads to good preparation for the upgrades. Whether its upgrading RAM, Hard Drive, Motherboard or CPU, hardware is the engine of your computer. Fast parts equals quicker computer. 

Problem Solving

Fixing computers well, often comes down to experience and knowledge. No one knows everything about every computer fault off all time. Its a growing and ever changing industry. However, Mobile PC Doctor Ltd has been operating since 2004 full time and has a high success rate of solving problems, often under pressure due to time and budget restraints. In most cases we fix the issue within one visit but intermittent or hard to find problems require our workshop facilities where we can work through a step by step process of elimination. Either way there's not much we can't fix.

One to One Support


We offer much more than visiting to fix a specific computer problem. We usually end up solving more problems through conversation over a cup of tea with our customers as we better understand their needs and advise accordingly. Being on-site we get to see your computer system as a whole without it needing removing which helps identify wider problems. This service is invaluable as you get your very own computer doctor to answer your questions with tuition on-site where you need it most. 


Internet Problems

We solve many internet, broadband, WiFi and email related problems regardless of who your broadband provider is including those from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and more. Whether you need a "wired" or "wireless" broadband solution, a new email account or internet security - we have the experience to help.

Wifi Problems

From changing your routers WiFi name and password to boosting your wireless range, we can advise and supply additional equipment to improve your home or business WiFi as needed.

Email Problems

From resetting your email password, creating a new email account or problem solving with webmail or setting up your email client software we have the solution for you. 


We fix Windows based desktop computers on-site from software problems to hardware issues and most are fixed within just one visit. If we are unable to repair on-site due to time restraints or the job requires our workshop facilities then we will seek to repair off-site but our aim is always to fix on-site wherever possible. 


Due to their popularity most of our work is caried out on laptops these days. We mostly fix software problems with Windows based laptops as well as offering upgrades.


Some laptop hardware repairs we do not offer due to being mobile and are discussed at point of enquiry when neccessary. 

Printer Support

We find printer setups still stumps people today, especially when trying to connect over WiFi. We offer printer buying advise, what inks to buy, unboxing, setup & software support. What we don't offer is hardware printer repairs.    

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internal view of hard drive

Data Recovery


We provide software based data recovery services for when your PC has crashed or when you need to recover important files that have been very recently lost or deleted. Some exclusions apply. We do not recover files from dead or faulty hard drives.

Data Back-up

If you do not have an up to date backup of your personal files, software licence keys or online passwords then we can help. Imagine if you lost your family photos? We know where your files are likely to be saved and know what can and cannot be backed up from your computer. 

Data Erasing

If you are looking to sell or redeploy a PC or laptop within your company, or simply recycle it then it is imperative to erase all data from the old hard drive first. From simple solutions to government standard data erasure, we can provide the right solution for you.

Internet Security

Internet security subscriptions can be costly and add up over years of renewals not to mention the added strain they put on computers, slowing them down. We recommend tried and tested Free internet security, we use personally which our customers love. You will have good levels of security that won't cost you a penny upfront or in annual subscription fees. 

Virus, Malware & Scams

We provide computer clean-ups for customers who have been scammed or picked up a virus or malware. While the banks take care of the refunds we take care of the computers and help inform customers how to avoid being caught again. 

Password Issues

Forgetting passwords today is very easily done. Organising your passwords so they can be retrieved in years to come is a challenge for many. We've helped many customers resolve their password problems and are here to help you. 

Parental Controls

We understand how children need protecting from the harms of the internet or too much time spent on it. Some parents need help and advise to know how best to protect their children or grand children from being exposed to the dark side of the internet or to take back control of the amount of time they spend on it. This is an uphill battle for all parents today.  we're here to help.

gaming computer

Desktop Computers

Whether you need a reliable home/office desktop tower, a business workstation or a gaming computer system, we supply bespoke computers with quality, performance and longevity in mind, delivered and setup. We believe desktop computers are still the best choice for home/office computing today due to their vast upgrade potential, serviceability, component change and better, longer lasting performance.

Home Setup

We help you choose the right computer spec that meet your computing needs and budget. Once delivered we setup your new computer at your home or business. We can transfer your personal data from your old computer, install your software, setup network connectivity, email, printer and any other peripheral devise you need. We are by your side every step of the way and can visit anytime you need assistance.


Bespoke computers come with 12 month warranty against manufacturer hardware defects & failures.


Most used parts we sell come with 3 month warranty against manufacturer hardware failure.

If you need any help no matter how small with your computer or laptop, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today for IT support specialist services in Plymouth, Saltash and surrounding areas, call us today on 07816 873373!

Get in touch with the Mobile PC Doctor today!

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